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Best YouTube Editing Software for All Devices (Windows, Mac and Android, iOS)

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Editing YouTube videos is a common requirement in the media and entertainment industry since YouTube is a popular content-sharing platform. The market is packed with a diversity of video editing software to walk through the concern. The following article pick the top video editors which is suitable for users at different level in the market. The diverse needs of video production often put forward the requirement of editing videos on a host of devices and platforms. The following section describes some best editing software for YouTube working well on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices:

Best YouTube Editing Software for Windows

1. Wondershare Filmora

Filmora by Wondershare takes the lead in user preferences on account of its editing extensive credibility. Filmora video editor is all set to sort out the widest concerns of modern video editing with its extensive library of features, effects, and filters. Coming with a user-cohesive, drag-and-drop working interface and a regularly updated set of features, Filmora’s excellence in YouTube video editing can be comprehensively understood in the light of the following exquisite features:

Integrated with brand-new Open FX Plug-ins and Filmstock, Filmora has an enormous range of lower-thirds, openers, and title selections, making it easy to add professionally designed presets to your videos. In line with your keyframe project, you can work with a diversity of keyframing choices. The Speed Ramping functionality of Filmora video editor facilitates a convenient speed adjustment of the video keyframes.

The most recent version of Filmora is packed with speech and text recognition functionalities. The program can automatically identify and precisely convert the speech elements in videos into exact text and vice-versa. This windows video editor also allows you to edit the converted text or speech as desired. Moreover, with over 100 video templates, the Instant Mode is a blessing for quick editors who have always wanted to edit videos but don’t know how. 

2. Sony Vegas Pro

Sony Vegas Pro is also among the best video editor for pc for addressing advanced editing applications. The tool brings in a pool of stunning footage customization features to render an outstanding look to the customized videos. The most striking appeals of the software include HDR color correction, sound design, live streaming, API scripting, scene detection, nested timelines, keyframing, multi-cam editing, automation control, etc. The program is quite effective in creating professional quality video edits.

The software, however, often encounters issues in seamless functioning and stops responding amid the editing process. There may also be occasional software crashes leading to permanent data loss without any recovery possibilities.

3. Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro (see official website) is a well-known video editor software for windows that facilitates high-quality professional video customization. Major attractions of the tool are motion graphics templates, audio-visual and sphere rotate VR editing, simultaneous and shared projects, Lumetri and Direct Publishing support, etc. The software has a huge library of advanced features, effects, transitions, and type tools to make your videos a masterpiece. You edit videos in a host of formats and with the most responsive interface.

You will, however, need a high-speed system to work flawlessly with the program, due to its expanded video resolution requirements. Another glitch with the tool is its slow response time in sorting out shared and multiple project concerns.

Best YouTube Editing Software for Mac

1. iMovie

The iMovie program is undoubtedly the best YouTube editing software to address the concern using Mac-supported devices. Talking of the user credibility, the tool allows you to work with basic video editing features, such as green-screen editing, human detection, color grading, audio-visual synchronization, etc. You can also share, trim and crop videos in line with the most specific customization requirements.

The program’s latest version welcomes you with an intuitive interface and reduced background noise. A diversity of interesting themes and trailers is here to spark up your edited videos. The software however requires large storage space on your device. It is quite difficult for the program to import and edit mp4 videos.

2. Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is another remarkable YouTube video editor for Mac utilities. The program is recognized among the best tools for non-linear and non-destructive video editing applications. The program works on Apple’s exclusive metal interface to render the best video editing experience. The software allows you to edit videos in HD, 4K, 8K, and 360-degree resolutions with utmost ease, and produce videos with IMAX like properties.

You can also buy additional utilities for addressing advanced editing concerns. The software, however, encounters response interruptions and lacks enough advancement in the video export-import functionality.

Best YouTube Editing Software for iOS and Android


FilmoraGo is the best video editor for YouTube when working on iOS and Android devices. The program houses some of the most amazing and exquisite video customization features to create professionally-sound outputs. The software library has a host of advanced features, like, auto beat sync, preset templates, speed ramping, instant mode, etc., to facilitate new-age video editing.

This free video editing software has limited features in the trial version. There are additional inconveniences of reverse clipping and cutting in the final customized output that requires a quick improvement.


Video editing concerns have witnessed a series of transformations and advancements with changing technologies. Entering the software market, you will be plagued with footage editor programs to sort out the widest customization concerns. When making a choice, the Wondershare Filmora program comes to you as the best video editing software for YouTube. The tool is dedicated to delivering professional quality video edits ahead of its market counterparts in almost all respects.

Last Updated: August 26, 2022

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