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Check out these Steam controller prototypes

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I know people are skeptical about that dual touchpad controller, even if it does have haptic feedback. But Steam went through many iterations before finally going with that one. Check out some of the early prototypes.

According to designer Greg Coomer, it all started with the Nintendo Wii:

We were watching other platforms like the Wii innovate in input, and the PC was stagnant. The mouse and keyboard was basically decades worth of static; lack of innovation there

It all started with a motion controller, which then morphed into a strange Franken-troller with a hi-hat thumbstick and buttons under all your fingers. The goal was to find out what PC gamers wanted in a new input method. Check out these awesome pics of the different prototypes:

dsc07963-1 dsc07983-1 dsc07986-1 

dsc07989-1 dsc07990-1 dsc07992-1 

dsc07993-1 (1)  dsc07997-1 dsc07999-1

 dsc08004-1 dsc08011-1 dsc08021-1 

dsc08022-1 dsc08024-1 dsc08025-1 

dsc08026-1 dsc08027-1 dsc08028-1 

dsc08030-1 dsc08031-1 dsc08032-1

I’m just not sure PC gamers are ready to innovate. Can you even still call someone a PC gamer if they’re not using a mouse and keyboard? Or will they become Steam machine fanboys?

Last Updated: November 5, 2013

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