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Check out this custom StarCraft 2 controller

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The reason StarCraft 2 and most other strategy games haven’t made their way over to the consoles yet is simply because the controllers don’t have enough speed, accuracy or buttons to make it a viable option so when I saw someone on reddit claiming they had made a StarCraft 2 controller my first question was why?

It quickly became apparent though that I want to make my own controller now, for something.. anything really because this just looks so cool and the end result is quite incredible.

I’m not sure how efficient that mousestick thing is going to be though but the idea of moving all the important keys onto a custom controller and making them larger and easier to hit appeal to my simplistic side.

Take a look at the step by step images and if you want some more detail about what’s going on then hit the link up above. The images start with the design stage and then move onto the actual device itself

Drawing Inspiration - Imgur

Cn9C6 - Imgur

jCZZB - Imgur

BKGgN - Imgur

bYn6t - Imgur

mcKx7 - Imgur

9znmY - Imgur

Prkeu - Imgur

FQwDA - Imgur

jcjcu - Imgur

rm0Wk - Imgur

MuUTV - Imgur

55T0C - Imgur

f5gLK - Imgur

Wpr1X - Imgur

Nh1t9 - Imgur

yX0ha - Imgur

mnP2E - Imgur

vktRq - Imgur

FdYir - Imgur

I’m not a big fan of the acrylic on the top and would have preferred a thinner piece embedded into the controller but apart from that I think it’s awesome.

He didn’t say if it worked though…

Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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