Corsair’s Zeus mouse pad charges your mouse wirelessly, so you never have to worry

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Wireless mouses still exist in this weird space when it comes to a gaming focus. They’re still a little behind in terms of speed, and there’s nothing more frightening than it going flat during an intense round of Overwatch. As such, wired is still the preferred choice, but Corsair wants to change that. Not only are they working on a mouse that rivals the speed of wired, they’re pairing it with a mouse pad that charges it while you play. This is their Concept Zeus.

In practical terms, Corsair is aiming to charge its new wireless mouse using the same sort of magnetic induction several phone charges already use. The mouse will receive some trickle charge as you move it around, which Corsair reckons will keep it on while you’re using it. If you’re in an emergency, the mouse pad features a dedicated charging pad in the corner – which will work for certain smartphones too with an adapter. Near.

What’s really happening is just a shift of the wiring. Instead of your mouse hooking up to the PC, your mouse pad does. The Zeus needs two USB connectors to draw power from, so you’re not really trading up to a wireless setup. It also means that the mouse is intrinsically paired to the mouse pad, and you’re in a spot of trouble if the latter breaks or goes missing.

But it’s still a forward step towards better wireless mice, and that’s a step worth taking. Wireless charging has been around for so long that it’s almost strange it hasn’t really seeped into more products already. And while still a concept, Corsair’s solution does sound like a promising start.

Last Updated: June 1, 2017

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