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Dropbox branching into password management with dropbox Passwords

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Dropbox has for a long time stuck to their bread and butter cloud storage application, but perhaps they are finally starting to show signs of branching out with a new password manager app suitably named Dropbox Passwords.

The app is only available in a private beta for Android at the moment (first spotted by AndroidPolice). It is available for download, though you can’t even use it at the moment unless you have received an invite. The app seems pretty basic in its current state. Like most password managers, it can create unique passwords, store them in one place, sync them across devices, and automatically fill in login fields. There’s no mention of other useful features like importing passwords from browsers and support for two-factor authentication.

The application also advertises “zero-knowledge encryption,” which means only the user has access to data being stored in the app which is a common feature of many other password manager apps too. Based on what is advertised, it’s not clear exactly that Dropbox hopes to bring into the market that will differentiate itself from other similar apps, but perhaps this will become clear once they have finished work on getting things stable in the beta firs.

While many tech companies have been quick to launch their services in different types of services, Dropbox has been cautious to do, preferring to keep its focus on what it does well. Branching out into password management though is not too different for them and considering many of their customers store information on their servers, it only makes sense to offer a way of storing passwords securely too. And security is something they are pretty strong in already. It will be interesting though to see if this is the start of other new apps and systems coming form the company.

Last Updated: June 9, 2020

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