Exclusives most important factor in next-gen decisions

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The next generation of consoles is upon us – and for we early adopters in South Africa, the choice of which to get right now is pretty easy. Only one of them is going to be available in our sunny clime this year. for those who plan on purchasing later once both systems are available, the choice is a bit tougher.  What’s the most important factor in making that decision?

According to a survey conducted at this year’s Eurogamer Expo, the single biggest factor in peoples’ purchasing decisions isn’t DRM, controller, resolution or frame-rates. Nope, shockingly, it’s the actual games – and exclusive ones at that.

Of the 2450 core gamers surveyed, 34 per cent said that exclusive games were the key factor in making purchasing decisions followed by the price of the new hardware at 29 per cent. While that’s hardly a significant slice of any population, it is a decent enough section of the sort of people who rush out and buy new consoles.

Surprisingly, just 11 per cent would get a system out of blind brand loyalty; probably the same vocal 11 per cent f the internet who will tell you what a terrible and stupid person you are for your own, contrary decisions. Also surprising was that just 2 per cent of respondents said they even cared about consoles’ functionality as a media hub, which won;t make Microsoft’s too happy, as that’s the central tenet of the Xbox One.

What’s the core influencer for your own console purchasing decisions? Right now, I really have to go with “availability” once again. The lack of a South African release date for the Xbox One isn’t doing the Xbox brand any favours at all.

Last Updated: November 19, 2013

Geoffrey Tim

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