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Facebook puts its experimental collage app E.gg into one basket

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If Facebook is not your favorite personalised portrayal of your best life, then the new experimental app from the website called E.gg, which allows users to create digital magazines, may be what you’re after.

Taking inspiration from the days where people tried to decorate their book covers with wild collages based on different quotes and magazine cut-outs, the new site has a Tumblr-inspired setup that eschews the usual Facebook profile scheme and allows for creativity to run wild. Using different colour schemes, E.gg uses snapshots from many different pictures to create something that better reflects the personality of its users.

Part of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Group which is constantly looking for innovative new web apps to try and expand the company’s reach on the internet (something which they need to do considering fewer people are using Facebook on a regular basis) E.gg is designed to “create a low-pressure space for the really unpolished and mismatched things”

These personal spaces will each be given their own shareable URLs so that people don’t need to navigate to them via Facebook, but can allow people to go directly to these spaces to better show off who they are. The best thing is that it’s completely free and will be available for download via Apple’s App Store, with Android support coming soon.

Last Updated: November 25, 2020

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