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Faulty PlayStation 4’s are “isolated incidents” says Sony

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Some worrying reports on the eve of the North American launch of the PlayStation 4 have pointed to the possibility of both hardware and software flaws with the system. Sony’’ says they’re nothing you ought to worry about.

Both IGN and Kotaku had problems with their PS4 systems, along with a few random people from the internet, mostly Taco Bell “Play the future”  winners. Sony’s issued an official response, saying that the issue is isolated.

“A handful of people have reported issues with their PlayStation 4 systems. This is within our expectations for a new product introduction, and the vast majority of PS4 feedback has been overwhelmingly positive,” a representative told IGN. “We are closely monitoring for additional reports, but we think these are isolated incidents and are on track for a great launch.

“There have been several problems reported, which leads us to believe there isn’t a singular problem that could impact a broader percentage of systems. The number of affected systems represents less than 0.4% of shipped units to date, which is within our expectations for a new product introduction.”

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida took to twitter to calm the masses.

That should hopefully put a lot of people at ease – but there’s also a warning from Reddit and Kotaku, saying that it’s probably best if you inspect your PS4’s HSMI port before using your PS4. They’ve found that for some or other reason, the HDMI port isn’t flush with the unit, and can damage HDMI cables, accounting for reports of inoperable PS4’s,

“A piece of metal in the system’s HDMI port was supposed to have been flush with the bottom of the port but instead had been bent upward, obstructing some of the pins in the port. The Sony employee testing our unit used a pin to push the small piece of metal back down,” says Kotaku.

Is it a hardware fault? Is it human error? nobody seems to know – but we’ll sure as hell find out in the coming days. 

“The slightly bad news is that we’re unable to tell you why this happened,” Kotaku continues.  “It’s certainly possible that we accidentally knocked that piece of metal upward when we first plugged Sony’s HDMI wire into the PS4. We can’t rule out human error on our end. But we’ve been plugging wires into HDMI sockets for a long time, and we’ve never had this issue before. It’s also possible there was something wrong with Sony’s wire and that that’s where the initial fault lies. Or perhaps the jack was indeed badly made. Sony doesn’t know. We don’t know.”

So it’s a small issue, and one that thankfully has an easy and cheap fix – but it’s really one that shouldn’t rightly exist in the first place. The good news though, is that if you are affected, there’s a simple, simple solution.

The PlayStation 4 sees its North American launch today. We’ll be getting it on December 13. 

Last Updated: November 15, 2013

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