Friday Debate: Got a tiny cap? How much bandwidth do you go through a month?

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I’ve recently upgraded to a fibre connection, thanks to the body corporate in my building finally allowing installation of the infrastructure, something they were fighting against for ages. Though I’ve have broadband internet for ages, it was through Telkom’s once uncapped LTE, which famously become a service that became throttle to heck after 300GB of usage. When that happened, I started managing my bandwidth like it was a precious resource – because it was.

I limited my Netflix streams to SD, limited the number of games I’d download every month (and in my line of work, with the 50GB+ games, that was hard to do) and opt to not watch absolutely everything and stream music all the time. Since switching to uncapped fibre, it’s been liberating not having to worry about data at home anymore. And though my fibre is actually slower than my LTE connection was, this is still better for me. I stream Netflix in HD again, there’s almost always music playing and I don’t even check how much data I’m using anymore.

Anyway, the point of this isn’t some #humblebrag, but rather because of a conversation we had in our company chat…where we discovered that Tracy manages to not even hit her 100GB cap every month, despite having fibre (fibre shouldn’t have caps at all, and capping that sort of thing is nonsense).

The question came up about how much bandwidth everybody uses, and how much is enough – especially in this age of digital distribution and streaming content.

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Last Updated: January 19, 2018

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