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Frostbite going mobile

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Remember how Frostbite couldn’t run on the Wii U?  Well, now apparently it can run on mobile devices.

EA and DICE have revealed that a version of the Frostbite engine is going to be used for mobile platforms.  According to their website:

One of our most exciting current projects is called Frostbite Go, a mobile division empowering EA game developers with Frostbite’s proven excellent workflows and features to bring true Frostbite experiences to all major mobile platforms.

Sure, it might be cool and maybe lead to some nice mobile games.  But really?!  They’re making a version just for mobile devices, but they are aren’t going for Wii U games because their engine doesn’t work?

I wonder if this means that in a strange way they’ll end up on the Wii U anyway, considering the Wii U might be porting mobile games.  

Last Updated: May 15, 2013

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