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Get your first look at AMD’s new flagship GPU

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There have been numerous leaks, mock-ups and renders of what AMD’s upcoming Fiji line of cards might look like, with the R390X unsurprisingly claiming the majority of interest. AMD is expected to reveal these new cards at Computex next week – although it seems like a lucky few already have their hands on the card. And they’re taking some photos.

From a rather odd source, the second picture of what looks to be the R390X has surfaced on Twitter. Johan Andersson, the technical director over at Electronic Arts, shared a picture of a brand new piece of beautiful tech over his Twitter profile – thanking AMD for a “seriously impressive” graphics card.

Now there’s no way to confirm whether this is AMD’s new flagship GPU (though it very, very probably is), but it probably wouldn’t be an extreme stretch of the imagination to suggest so. Whatever it is, I will admit that it’s looking rather gorgeous. The brushed finish and what’s made to look like a rubberised backplate give the card a premium look – although it’s the mightier core clocks and High Bandwidth Memory that’s really going to give it a worthy price tag. The R390X is also suspected to have reference liquid cooling.

The coming weeks are set to be incredibly interesting in the PC gaming sphere, as AMD finally reveals their answer to Nvidia’s Maxwell line. Nividia, on the other hand, might have their own fair share of surprises in store too.

Last Updated: May 25, 2015

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