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The GTX 1070 might actually be the more important Pascal GPU

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GTX 1070 specifications revealed

Yesterday the big review embargo around the GTX 1080 finally dropped, and it seems Nvidia wasn’t lying. Their new top-tier Pascal GPU is a monster, delivering real-world performance metrics of up to 42% faster speeds over the GTX 980Ti, and more than 60% over the GTX 980. It’s an excessive card with an excessive price, which makes the cheaper 1070 yet again a more alluring option. And with the specifications now finally revealed, it’s all the more interesting.

The GTX 1080 is beefy, but the 1070 is no slouch either. Taking many hints from it’s smaller GTX 970 sibling, this cut down card aim to deliver near identical performance when pushed a little, and at the fraction of the cost. it’s going to feature the same 8GB of memory (although only GDDR5, and not the slightly faster GDDR5X of the 1080), the same 256-bit memory bus and just 1920 CUDA cores for processing. The GTX 1080, by comparison, ships with 2560.

It’s a marginal change in the real world, but what isn’t is the clock speed. Just as many reviews found out, the massive jumps in core and boost clocks is making a massive difference to performance, and that’s where the GTX 1070 really gets cosy with its bigger brother. Although Nvidia only revealed the boost clock, the GTX 1070 will sit somewhere around 1600MHz – identical to the 1080 core clock.

And considering the 1080 can push well into 2.0 MHz territory, I’m expecting the GTX 1070 to get close too.

The biggest factor to consider here, just as it was with Maxell, is price. The GTX 1080 is retailing for $599 (or $699 for Founders), while the closely lagging 1070 is nearly half that at $379 (or $449 respectively). If it’s anything like the last generation, the GTX 1070 might be the more logical purchase, especially if it still manages to outpace a Titan X and GTX 980Ti as Nvidia claims.

But since the card is only out on June 10th, those reviews are still a while off. But it might be smart to wait a little until then to make a more informed, and possibly better, purchase.


Last Updated: May 18, 2016

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