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Here’s Windows 95 running on an Xbox One

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When I manage to get homebrew or hacks running on a device, the first thing I load up is Super Mario Bros 3 – always. Within minutes of Jailbreaking an iPhone 4 years ago, I was swinging my Tanooki tail and collecting coins in the sky. When I loaded up custom firmware on my PSP in the days of yore, the first thing I marvelled at was playing Nintendo games on Sony hardware.

When most tinkerer types get access to that sort of thing though, after they’re done with their “Hello Words” messages, of course, is to get DOS or Windows running. And that’s precisely what somebody’s done on the Xbox One, now that the console has become the promised Devkit. Universal Windows Platform apps can be built and run on the Xbox One (opening the gates for some interesting things on the console in the future, no doubt)

Here’s Windows 95 running on an Xbox One – through a UWP version of Dosbox. Is it useful? Perhaps; it looks like the wonderful SNES emulator ZNES is running and it could open the way to a ton of emulation-related projects of this ilk. Oh, and Duke Nukem 3D works too.

Here’s a look. It’s slow, yes, but that’s because it only uses the CPU interpreter says vcfan.

On March 31, Microsoft opened up UWP dev mode on the Xbox One to preview members – even if there is a huge caveat; developers aren’t able to publish games that way; those will still have to go through other channels.

Last Updated: May 18, 2016

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