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How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger

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If you can’t remember where your Apple Watch charger is, or you just left it behind at home when you went out, what do you do when the battery starts to die? Is the specialized magnetic charger the only way to power up the battery? Read on to see how to charge Apple watch without charger.

Can You Charge the Apple Watch Without a Magnetic Charger?

Unfortunately, you can only charge your Apple Watch using the magnetic charger that is designed to be used with it. Without that specific type of charger, you are not going to be able to get any juice to the watch.

How to Charge Apple Watch Without Charger
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Any of the magnetic charging cables will do. You don’t have to specifically use the one that came with your phone. If you end up travelling without your charger, just order another one from an online website, or physical retailer, or buy a used on online for a lot cheaper. If you have a Huawei Band 7, all you need to do is insert the charging metal sheet of your band directly into the metal sheet of the charger in the middle of the USB port.

Charging Port on Apple Watch: Hidden or Not?

There is a port on the watch that is covered by a small cap, and it is located on the underside of the band’s clasp. This six-pin port is rumored by some to be used for charging, but that’s not what it is for at all. It’s actually designed to manage diagnostics for the watch, but some people think that you can use it to charge the watch quicker.

There is a battery band created by Reserve Strap that links up to the port and uses it a charging access for the phone. This would let you charge the watch without staying in one place. It also increases the charging speed by about 6-7%, according to MacRumors. Unfortunately, this charging band only reached the prototype stages before Apple ordered it to be canceled.

Are you able to charge the watch any other way than with the official charger, though? Products like this make us wonder.

Alternative Apple Watch Power Chargers

There may not be a hidden port or another kind of charger that works for the watch, but you have some charging options. Let’s discuss…

The first one is to simply have a spare charging cable available. Buy spares so that you always have one stored wherever you may be – in your car, purse, backpack, at work, etc. That way, you have your regular charger, and then your backup one as well.

Secondly, you can choose between two types of charging devices. The first one is a power bank charger for the Apple Watch. This is compatible with all Apple watches, and has four LED indicators.

The other kind of charger is a conventional cable charger. This can hook up to a laptop or tablet and charge your Apple Watch from there. It can plug into any USB port and charge, even a PC. It could also connect into a wall plug that has a USB port on it so you aren’t draining any of your other electronics.

Pretty much all of the charging options for the Apple watch are designed to be portable and made to attach to your belt or keychain so you don’t lose them.

Last Updated: July 1, 2022

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