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How to Start MVP Website Design?

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You might sometimes think something like this – if only I had enough money, I could do this and that, and my startup would make the difference in the market! But the truth is that you have better chances to get the project funded if you start it. No one wants to invest in a product that is invisible and intangible. To understand what values you dream to convey to customers, investors want you to demonstrate how it really works.

And one of the obtainable and practice-tested ways to do it is to learn more about mvp web design. Purrweb team knows how to bring the project idea to life. You can try to take a consultancy and get detailed advice and preliminary estimation of the project you dream of.

What is MVP website

The MVP website is not a sketch with clickable buttons. MVP is a digital product that lets you start generating income from your idea: the first users will use it and pay for service. The difference between an MVP product and a full fledged solution is the first has fewer features to use. But they are absolutely actionable and let customers solve their tasks fast and effortlessly. 

Give some work to your imagination: draw in mind that you’ve just rented an apartment. To start living there, you need only basic things related to furniture. The place where you can sleep (a bed), where you can sit and have breakfast (a chair and a table). Of course, it would be nice to have a beautiful case in the bathroom where you can set all the tubes of cream, shampoos and other inventions of the cosmetics industry. And another wardrobe in the hall in order to keep your shoes comfortably. And an armchair feels more convenient than a chair. But if you ask yourself whether it’s possible to start living in an apartment without these additional facilities, the honest answer will be ‘yes’. To make parallel with MVP design, a bed, a table and a chair are the «core features», while other facilities are desirable, but not vitally important in this case. You can buy them later when you have some extra cash. But right now they don’t impact the main characteristics of the apartment: basic availability for living. 

Thinking in this paradigm about MVP design, you can get rid of all costly and unnecessary functions. But when you sieve them through the critical assessment, don’t forget to put on your potential customers’ shoes. What do we mean? For example, if the apartment is intended for an artist, he will be ready to sacrifice a chair but have an easel. So, filtering the key features, firmly bear in mind the interests of your target audience. Try to tailor MVP design in accordance with what is truly important for the users’ problem solving. 

That explains why the preliminary research matters much if you want to figure out what your prospects are interested in. Target to learn as much as possible about your potential users. Questionnaires, interviews, votes in social media or a landing page for getting feedback – you can invent different tools in order to achieve the goal: have a close-to-reality portrait of your target customers. Only when you can look at the problem through the eyes of your audience, you can feel exactly their pain points and offer a cool solution.

When you have learned enough about the market, competitors, users problems and desires, you can compose the list of features required for the vitality of your product. Now you have to make the most important step: to select a contractor for MVP design. The IT agency that can catch a project idea just like what you’ve had in mind is a goodluck. So, invest a bit of time to filter the team you’re planning to work with. If they are experienced, recognized in the professional community (Dribbble, Behance), and have 5-stars reviews on business sites, the cooperation promises to be rewarding.

The development of a mobile app or website: what’s better for MVP design?

Nowadays, when people are getting used to being mobile and to have access to digital tools at any time and anywhere, mobile app development feels more preferable. But in some cases websites can give you benefits too: it requires less budget for promotion and easier in terms of SEO to get highly ranked. Website development is a bit more challenging task than mobile app building due to the necessity to make it suitable for different kinds of screens and browsers. But if your project idea better fits for an embodiment in the form of a website, you shouldn’t refuse this opportunity. Just make sure the UI and UX of the product are completed at a top level. That will encourage the project to attract as many people as you expected. So, when you outweigh the pros and cons of mobile and web versions for MVP design, make a decision based on your target audience preferences and product’s specifications. 

MVP design: which rules to be guided

One of the lying on the surface ways to conquer wide popularity is to create a trendy looking product available for an intuitive navigation. This is a part of the game where professionals play the key role. Skillfully mastered MVP design inspires visitors to come back again and again. It includes an interface acting magnetically, which pushes customers to notice the web application among others and succumb to temptation to try it. The first impression determines whether the user will leave the app or link to a website on his device. That’s why not only cute UI matters, but perfectly organized UX too. When the customer can from the first glance understand how all the elements are classified and where to find any feature he needs, the app has passed the exam. 

MVP design requires specific talents from app development agencies. As far as it implies to transfer the concentration of value through limited means, the UI and UX designers have to do their best in order to create a minimum-featured, but thoroughly finished product. Minimum doesn’t mean sloppy. It means less but better. Those features that deserve implementing in MVP design should be polished and organized in the best way. The main goal of MVP design is to deliver a product that can earn money. If it can’t do this, there is a mistake somewhere. 

Final thoughts 

Well tailored MVP design lets you bring value to customers and get real feedback. This feedback helps you see where’s the space for improvements. Since MVP design doesn’t require astronomical funds, it opens a great opportunity to test your business idea in practice and learn whether there are customers in the market who are truly interested in your service.

Last Updated: April 28, 2022

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