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HP teasing a new “no compromise” VR headset

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Virtual Reality might be a gimmick for many, but all that is needed to move VR from being a niche to a must-have are some excellent games that everyone wants to play. Thanks to Valve’s Half-Life: Alyx, the platform may just have found its first big game that is going to see many gamers look to adopt the technology in the months to come.  

If you’re going to spend a large sum of cash on that hardware you might as well spend it on the best and that appears to be what HP is looking to do as they have announced a new Reverb VR headset that the company has developed in conjunction with Microsoft and Valve.

The first Reverb formed part of Microsoft’s Windows Mixed Reality line-up, and was known for its high-resolution screen. The device wasn’t the most expensive VR device you could find but it remained financially out of reach for many anyway. The newer version sounds like it is going all out to try and capture that high-end market with an aim to be the best VR device on the block, as HP has labelled it as the “new standard in VR”, and calls it a “no-compromise VR headset” and a more “immersive, comfortable, and compatible experience” than the original Reverb.

The only problem is that we will have to take them on their word about this because aside from their initial announcement, we don’t know anything else about the product. The launch is light on technical details or how they intend to extract superior quality out of the technology and HP hasn’t even provided pricing or release details. Which is probably a pity because I doubt Half-Life fans are ready to wait an unknown amount of time to play their new game and would rather grab one of the other available headsets to use in the interim.

Last Updated: March 25, 2020

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