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HTC’s Vive is going to cost even more in Europe

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According to most people who’ve used all of the major Virtual Reality headsets coming this year, HTV and Valve’s Vive is by far the superior one. It’s the conclusion our own Alessandro’s come to after using all three, and it’s a sentiment shared by Minecraft creator, former Mojang boss and hat-wearing Scandinavian chap Markus “Notch” Persson (though he hasn’t, by admission, tried the Rift past the DK).

It’s the more expensive of the impending head mounted VR displays, which makes it a frightfully pricy proposition. In the US, it’ll cost you $799 to jump in to the next generation of gaming. That’s on top of the $1500 PC you’ll already need to own if you want a system to drive the display.

If you live outside of the US, however, it’s going to cost even more. Brace yourselves, VR fans. In a new blog post, HTC’s released the international pricing for its new Virtual Reality headsets, and it’s pretty frightening stuff.

Pre-orders for the Vive open today, and here’s what it’ll cost you to pre-order for shipping on April 5:

Region MSRP
US* US $799.00
Australia US $899.00
Canada* CAD 1149
China CNY 6,888
Taiwan NT$28,288
Japan JPY 111,999
UK £ 689.00
New Zealand US $949.00
EU € 899.00
Belgium € 899.00
Czech € 899.00
Denmark € 899.00
Finland € 899.00
France € 899.00
Germany € 899.00
Iceland € 899.00
Ireland € 899.00
Italy € 899.00
Netherlands € 899.00
Norway € 899.00
Poland € 899.00
Spain € 899.00
Sweden € 899.00
Switzerland € 899.00

I don’t quite know in which universe $799  equates to € 899 (which, according to current exchanges is closer to $729), though it is worth mentioning that these listed prices for the US and Canada exclude applicable sales taxes, which makes up for some of the discrepancy. Given that we tend to pay  European pricing for our consumer electronics, it’s not too much of a stretch to imagine the Vive retailing locally for close to R16 000. I’m keen on VR, but I’m not sure I’m R16 000 keen on VR.

For what it’s worth, Vive will be shipping with some free software; Google’s Tilt Brush – a VR app that lets you paint freeform paint in virtual spaces. Thrilling.

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

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