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Huawei’s new GT 2E Watch is out to keep you fit and healthy

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Huawei has just revealed their new flagship smartphone, so you know what that means: They need you to buy a new smartwatch because why have one piece of shiny new tech when you can have two? It appears that the direction that Huawei has gone for their new Huawei Watch GT 2E is to focus specifically on the sporty amongst us with the new watch not just boasting a more athletic look but also includes loads of new features to cater to those who like to keep fit.

With over 100 different workout modes, like rock climbing, skateboarding and parkour to go along with the regular running, walking, cycling, swimming (water-resistant to 50m) and even golf, the new watch is certainly looking to cater for whatever your workout of choice is. Though Netflix binging is not one of them and so you will need to move around a little to get use of this new watch. The new watch will also have storage for up to 500 songs allowing you to maintain a soundtrack to all of that activity.

Huawei also indicates that their watch can last 14 days before needing a charge, though doesn’t indicate exactly how long it will last with the GPS switched on which is often the biggest indicator of the usefulness of a watch such as this to hardcore athletes. Another important feature new to the device is the addition of blood oxygen saturation (SpO2) monitoring via a dedicated IR sensor. Something which could provide useful information though it will be interesting to see exactly how accurate this is.

Along with the additional activity features, the new device has been given a significant upgrade. Its got a 1.39-inch OLED touchscreen with a resolution of 454 x 454, 4GB of memory and makes use of the company’s Kirin A1 chipset, giving its screen a decent clarity with sufficient processing power to manage it all.

The most immediate aspect of the watch though is easily its sporty look with its different colour straps. All those good looks though are likely to set you back a fair amount. And while we don’t have local pricing the device will retail for €199 in Europe, while the gold edition of the Watch GT 2 will be priced starting at €229 for a version with a white strap or €249 for a red strap. I guess if you’re spending that kind of money on the new P40 phone, you might as well put yourself further in the red with this new watch as well.

Last Updated: March 27, 2020

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