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Leaked images reveal GarageBand features could be coming to Apple’s Logic Pro X

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With musicians stuck at home and unable to go out and perform live, now is as good a time as ever for them to play around with some new software and turn their home into a mini recording studio and get a fast track on that next album.  Some new updates coming to Apple’s professional music software, Logic Pro X, might make that transition even easier.

It’s just a rumour for now, but it all started where all good rumours tend to start these days – Reddit. Yesterday, a Reddit user noticed that Apple’s education products webpage showed a version of Logic with ported functions from Logic Pro X’s little software brother, GarageBand. The image has since been replaced on Apple’s website, but a cache of the page on Wayback Machine confirms that it’s real. Whether the image is genuine and not the subject of human errors is ultimately not clear.

It sounds a bit unusual to think that Logic Pro X will be borrowing features from its free competitor, but I guess when you charge $199 for someone to use your software and a cheaper app has a feature yours doesn’t – you probably want to add it in as well. And that new feature is the ability to add live loops and XY effects.

While the two software programs can already work well together and allow you to send music between each other, they are fundamentally different in the way they allow musicians to alter their music, with GarageBand offering a much simpler array of features whereas Logic Pro X requires you to delve a lot more into the details of the music. Having something that adds a certain level of simplicity to it may certainly help those trying to transition between the two and become more familiar with Logic Pro X’s more advanced feature set.

Last Updated: March 31, 2020

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