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LG’s new panel tech includes a Minority Report-style transparent screen and very bendy monitors

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As much as I am a fitness fanatic and I regularly work hard for the money, I can also be a lazy guy and I enjoy taking time to just relax on the couch and watch something entertaining. The biggest problem with having a screen worthy enough of your watching experience though is that it is not only expensive but it takes up a lot of space as well.

LG has unveiled a new transparent 55-inch OLED panel that can easily fit just about anywhere (conveniently right at the foot of most beds for example) that can also be raised or lowered based on your needs. Not only does it offer perfect mobility, but it also makes it functional just about everywhere with its transparent nature, which means that you can keep an eye on other things behind the screen – though this part may prove distracting for many.

I really like the idea of this panel, especially with LG claiming it can be moved around quite easily and therefore become the perfect monitor that can be used everywhere you need it to. Jong-sun Park, LG Display’s senior vice president and head of commercial business, also revealed how the company is focusing on transparent panels as a big medium for the future:

Transparent OLED is a technology that maximizes the advantages of OLED and can be used in various places in our daily lives, from stores, shopping malls, and architectural interiors to autonomous vehicles, subway trains, and aircraft. It will grow into a next-generation display that can change the existing display paradigm.

What this technology won’t solve yet is the cost factor with a similar commercial version of this TV retailing for an eye-watering $87 000. That is more than many houses and most of our cars and it’s just a TV. Needless to say, at those prices, unless your surname ends in Bezos, Musk or Gates, you probably won’t be able to afford this sort of gimmick, but hopefully, it’s a sign of where screen technology is headed and we’ll be able to see cheaper, more viable panels coming out in the near future.

However, that is not the only new panel technology LG has to show off, as they also have a new panel aimed at gamers. This screen can be quickly curved to allow for more immersive gaming experiences and then returned to flat – in a manner that appears to not cause any damage or creasing – and make it perfect for watching content.

This new TV can reportedly bend up to a radius of 1,000mm, has up to a 120Hz refresh rate, and offers a variable refresh rate ranging from 40Hz to 120Hz. It also has LG’s Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) technology, which vibrates the display to create sound in lieu of speakers. Innovation which should certainly make a big impact in the industry in the future.

There is no current pricing for what a screen like this would cost, though expect it to again be exceptionally pricey at the moment. Though its great to see LG experimenting with new technology like this and hopefully we will be seeing these new panels making their way into homes in the near future. You may require a small mortgage to just to buy one then still.

Last Updated: January 11, 2021

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