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Look at the Xbox One, and how your lady will troll you

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Microsoft’s recently released a trio of trailers for its impending next-generation console. The first shows of the system’s sexy hardware and general aesthetic, while the second shows how you can use the thing to be social and watch TV instead of games. The last one though…I can see that pissing a ton of people off.

Here’s the first one, showing the hardware:

Here are former retired NFL players Brian Urlacher and Ray Lewis watching stuff together like BFF’s.

And here’s one of some dude’s girlfiend (not a typo) commandeering his Xbox One. Honestly though, I see this happening a lot; kids and wives telling the Xbox to switch off, or switch to TV. My own did this to me? I’d kill ‘em. Yes, the Xbox One is going to be responsible for increases in domestic violence.

Last Updated: November 12, 2013

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