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Microsoft developing a “Performance Mode” for its Edge browser

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When it comes to speed there is nothing that says it better than “performance mode”. The phrase is found in several high-performance cars which have special settings for when a driver wants to get that extra thrill of speed and collect speeding tickets – and it can also be found in several high-end gaming PCs where settings can be changed to allow for some extra high-performance gaming.

And now prepare for your browsing experience to get the “Performance mode” treatment as Microsoft has announced that they are currently testing out a new performance mode for its edge browser which helps to optimize speed, responsiveness, memory, CPU and battery usage, though with the company adding a disclaimer that “Performance improvements might vary depending on your individual specifications and browser habits.”

The company has not gone into too much detail about how this new setting will extra more detail out of the browser though it will affect the new Sleeping Tabs feature which certain tabs in sleep mode will lockout after 5 minutes and their resources used for the current site you are browsing on. It’s likely that Microsoft could also change the way it limits taking up much of the resources around CPU utilization or turn off certain features and extensions to also provide some extra performance boost.

As to why you would want to get a faster browsing performance when most sites are already quite quick to use. Ell, with the advent of cloud gaming and several other streaming sites, having a browser that is available for high-performance applications is more important than ever and the move does make sense from Microsoft. Not so sure it will give quite the same level of satisfaction though is putting your foot down on the accelerator pedal and speeding off into the distance with traffic cops in tow.

Last Updated: April 21, 2021

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