Microsoft has earned $20 Billion this year so far

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We know that Microsoft’s Xbox One isn’t selling quite as well as Sony’s PlayStation 4 at the moment, but it seems it hardly matters – Microsoft is still making tons of money from its consoles. The hardware and devices division, which includes the Xbox brand, has made Microsoft just under $2 Billion in revenue this year so far.

As a whole, the company reported revenues of over $20 billion, of which $5.56 billion was pure profit.

Devices and consumer hardware  reported $1.97 million in revenue in this past quarter ending March 31. In that time, 2 million Xboxes were sold in, including 1.2 million Xbox Ones. It’s worth noting that those are sell-in, not sell-through numbers – so they represent consoles sold to stores and distributors, and not those taking control of consumers’ living rooms.

“This quarter’s results demonstrate the strength of our business, as well as the opportunities we see in a mobile-first, cloud-first world," said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in a prepared statement.

"We are making good progress in our consumer services like Bing and Office 365 Home, and our commercial customers continue to embrace our cloud solutions. Both position us well for long-term growth. We are focused on executing rapidly and delivering bold, innovative products that people love to use."

That’s a lot of beans. Sony may have won gamers hearts and minds – but the reality of it is that the company is still in a poor financial state. Things certainly seems to be looking up for the Japanese giant under Kaz Hirai’s One Sony, but when it comes to the business of actually making money Microsoft’s certainly in the lead.

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Last Updated: April 25, 2014

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