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Microsoft releases a new tool to help recover your lost and deleted files

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We’ve all been there. Pouring hours of work into an assignment, article, or work that we’ve been slaving away on, only for the PC to shut down and you’ve lost all that progress.

There is nothing more excruciating than the feeling of wasted productivity, when we lose crucial documents and even though there are ways of recovering this lost work, it’s not always easy or possible to do. To help ease some of that future pain however, Microsoft is releasing its own Windows File Recovery tool.

Windows File Recovery is a command-line app that will recover a variety of files and documents from local hard drives, USB drives, and even SD cards from cameras (cloud folders are not supported though). Like any file recovery tool, it will need to be used as soon as possible on deleted files to ensure they have not been overwritten on the drive or memory location.

The new tool can recover MP3 files, MP4 videos, PDF documents, JPEG images, and typical Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, which is perfect for just about all users. If you are a coder though it probably won’t help you. Hopefully, you are using a decent code repository tool that will keep your latest commits and changes. The tool has a default mode for NTFS file systems but will also have an option to recover files across FAT, exFAT, and ReFS file systems, though these may take longer to recover.

Microsoft already provides a Previous Versions feature in Windows 10 that lets you recovery documents you may have deleted, but you have to specifically enable this using a File History feature that’s disabled by default. Having this new recovery tool though should safeguard users even more and help save many people from tears when their kid deletes that file they were working on, that is due for tomorrow.

Last Updated: July 1, 2020

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