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New Windows update automatically installs Edge browser onto machines

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Microsoft has a poor history with its software updates that can often be quite frustrating as they force them upon users, at often frustrating times and often for completely inconsequential features and fixes. And while the company claims that its forced updates are mostly to do with security fixes, it appears that its latest update that has started hitting some people’s machines may show that the company has not quite escaped its poor reputation in this area just yet.

According to quite a few tweets posted by many people, it appears that Microsoft’s latest update has automatically installed Microsoft’s new Chromium Edge browser. This alone is enough to frustrate most people who perhaps don’t want to make the change to Edge, but the update makes it even worst by not just pinning it to your taskbar at the bottom, but apparently automatically launching itself to see if you want to make it the default browser. And without an option to uninstall the browser too.

While I do actually like Microsoft’s new Edge browser and think it is definitely superior to Google’s default Chrome browser, these type of tactics should definitely not be accepted from the software company and people should have the freedom to choose to download it and try it out, rather than being forced into doing so.

Microsoft has yet to officially respond to any of this, but hopefully they will revert their approach to getting Edge onto customer’s machines and rather spend more effort in showcasing Edge’s better features to users than thrusting it upon them.

Last Updated: July 6, 2020

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