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New women-only social media app to use AI to determine gender

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In this world where certain men can be unfortunate creeps, it kind of makes sense that women get given a space where they can feel safe and out of the harm of predatory men. While most of this space is physical, the internet is unfortunately also one large preying ground for creeps such as this and so I guess it’s inevitable that one tech company wants to solve this problem by allowing women to interact with one another without men present.

Called Giggle, the company pitches itself as a girls-only networking platform. To sign up, users have to take a selfie. And while that might not sound too invasive, the app then uses “bio-metric gender verification software” to determine whether that person is a woman or not. Something which means that the algorithms mightn’t work if you’re a trans woman.

While I like the idea of a women’s only social media network, there are obvious concerns with the way it goes about authorising this and unfortunately, it’s likely to cause more problems than it hopes to solve. Especially considering a predator could easily use a picture of another woman for their profile pic to possibly bypass the algorithms. How it will be able to differentiate between an actual phase snapped by the selfie or another picture would be something they would need to try to solve.

The idea has kind of being torn apart by people on the internet who seem its lack of inclusivity for trans women as an issue. And some rather concerning statements in its privacy policy. In the end, with the way the world is moving towards greater LGBTQ acceptance, the best way to solve the problem is to probably not have any form of gender recognition and rather work on ways of identifying these people by the way they communicate than through testing for their gender.

Last Updated: February 11, 2020

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