PC graphics 24 times that of the 360

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It's so real...it's UNREAL. *giggle*

The recent Unreal engine 4 demos have been impressive to say the least. Showing off all manner of particle effect and delicious realism (well, as real as you’d expect a giant black knight in a fiery setting to look) it certainly presents a generational leap.

And it was running on a single Nvidia GTX 680.

So says Nvidia engineer Simon Green, adding that he believes that current top-end Pc graphics cards are 24 times as powerful as the AMD-powered one you’ll find in the Xbox 360. (Probably not mentioning the RSX in the PS3, because it’s an Nvidia chip).

He believes that even the next generation consoles won’t offer that power available in the GTX 680, and it’s not even the company’s top of the range card; that honour currently belongs to the GTX 690, which retails locally for a completely reasonable R13, 000.

On that note; beyond extra effects, sharper textures and extremely high resolutions Pc games don’t really look that much better than their console counterparts. Do you think that console games are holding PC games back, as developers do what they can to appeal to the lowest common denominator?

Last Updated: June 15, 2012

Geoffrey Tim

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