PlayStation Vita Slim coming to the West?

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This perpetual focus on thinness is warping the self images of other consoles.

Today, Sony’s set to reveal something newer and slimmer to the European market. Many surmised that it might be the newer, slimmer PlayStation Vita that’s already available in Japan. Those people deserve gold stars, because it seems that exactly what the big reveal will be.

According to a mailer sent out by UK retailer, the new slimline PS Vita2000  is headed to the west, and will soon be available for order.

The PS Vita-2000 is 20% thinner and 15% lighter than the current Vita. It also has an additional hour of battery life, and 1Gb of internal memory.

Here’s a picture of the mailer, courtesy of AllGamesBeta.

Shop.To Mailer, via AllGamesBeta

Further to that, VG247’s own sources have said that the unit will be selling for £189, which according to Google works out to about R3537…which is actually more than the price of the current version right now. You can pick up a Wi-Fi model, bundled with a game for about R2500 if you look around.

 My honest recommendation is to rather get one of the older ones if you’re interested in the Vita; the OLED screen on the thing is one of the best displays I’ve ever seen, and the new slimmer one dispenses with that in favour of a traditional LED screen.

We’ve reached out to the local PlayStation distributor for any information regarding a local release of the newer Vita, but with the prices of imports set to go up it doesn’t really seem all that wise if it’s not going to be cheaper than the units available right now.

The Vita, as you know, is a fantastic companion to the PlayStation 4, and has a hand-full of its own worthwhile games, many of which come free with a PlayStation Plus subscription.

Last Updated: January 30, 2014

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