Pokémon GO is getting daily, weekly quests

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Pokemon Go getting daily quests

I fell off the Pokémon Go bandwagon long ago, when Niantic Labs was still deciding how to properly address players seeking out Pokémon outside of their horrible tracking system. I’ve been following its updates still though, looking for another way to hop back in and get back to Pokémon hunting. So far nothing substantial has really been added, but that’s likely to change soon. What with Niantic finally giving players an incentive to log on every day.

Niantic is adding daily and weekly quests to Pokémon GO, which will reward players for playing the game routinely. It’s a fairly simple system too, not requiring you to go out of your way to get anywhere, or capture specific Pokémon that you might otherwise never encounter. Instead, players will net bonuses just for playing consistently, and encourage you to keep doing so for greater experience boots.

So for example, if you catch your first Pokémon for the day, you’ll net a neat Experience and Stardust bonus:

  • 500 XP
  • 600 Stardust

Continue that for seven days straight, and you’ll get an additional reward just for being a good Pokémon Hunter:

  • 2,000 XP
  • 2,400 Stardust

The same applies to Pokestops. The first spin of the day will net you a reward, while visiting the same Pokéstop for seven days straight will multiply that:

  • 2,000 XP
  • A greater number of additional items

It’s a simplistic way to keep you opening the app every day, and especially so if you know you’re going to be around the same area throughout the week. The level system is still extremely difficult to grind through, and even these experience boost won’t do a hell of a lot to change that. But it’s an incentive to continue playing, which might just be enough to get some players returning.

There’s currently no ETA on when quests will go live, but Niantic promises that it will be soon.

Last Updated: November 3, 2016

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