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[Update] And it’s back to R6299. Bummer. Kalahari are claiming it was a mistake but we were notified of it by Kalahari so yeah who knows what just happened here.

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The PlayStation 4 is being released in South Africa on December 6 this year, for a wallet-destroying price of R6299 – but if you act now, you can shave five hundred Randelas off the price by ordering the thing from Kalahari.

Yep, they’ve got the thing for pre-order for a much more reasonable R5799. Bear in mind that initial stocks of the PlayStation 4 will be quite limited indeed, and this is one of the best ways to guarantee you’ll be playing one on Christmas morning.

There is a caveat though; you’ll have to shell out that R5799 right now to secure your order. That’s a lot of beans to have just lying about, but if you already have a well-stocked PS4 fund, buying this now will make it seem like it’s free when it gets delivered to your door in December.

Pre-order the PS4 from here.

Some things to note – you won’t get boned if you order this, and the price changfes, or becomes a bundle. According to Kalahari:

1. Stock is very limited
2. Bundle offers have not been confirmed as yet, and if the day 1 offer changes to a bundle, then the pre-order will change to this bundle automatically.
3. Launch date + Price is subject to change (Customers who pre-order now will always pay the lower price)


Last Updated: August 27, 2013

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