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Razer’s mad lads have created a face mask with RGB lighting

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Razer Project Hazel (3)

Stop what you’re doing, and close your eyes. Listen to THE SOOTHING SOUND OF MY VOICE only. Now when I say “Razer face mask” picture what such an accessory could look like in a world where a small piece of fabric could mean the difference between life and death. I know what you’re picturing, and yes, Razer has gone and done it. A face mask with RGB lighting, is now a thing.

Razer Project Hazel (1)

Razer normally has a few wild ideas to throw at the annual Consumer Electronic Show every year, and the hardware manufacturers did not disappoint this year with its latest products. Project Hazel is “the world’s smartest face mask” according to the peripheral and hardware manufacturer, that features dual rechargeable active ventilators providing bi-directional filtration. And RGB lighting of course.

Razer Project Hazel (2)

The mask is also transparent so that people can witness your smug face smiling through it, and is constructed from silicone so that it forms on your face more comfortably. It’s also reusable, and it’ll be packed in a wireless charging box with UV light sterilization functionality so that you can pop it inside at night for some bleeding edge cleaning while you sleep. That’s rather neat.

As far as face masks go in a world where we’ll be wearing them for a good chunk of 2021 until vaccines start rolling out to the general populace? I’m actually thinking of replacing my regular masks I got from the blood bank with one of these more comfy-looking samples if they make their way down south.

Last Updated: January 13, 2021

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