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Reddit will now let you vote on absolutely any topic you want

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Have you ever felt the need to see how Reddit users feel about a specific topic? Me neither as I prefer to avoid that crazy part of the internet where really anything and everything does get discussed. I guess though, in keeping with the site’s themes on debating everything, it makes sense that it allows for polling on those very same topics and so the site has announced a new voting feature that does just that.

According to Reddit (and as reported in The Verge), polls can offer up to six answers, be kept open for up to a week, and subreddit moderators can turn them off if desired. You create them like you would any other post type.

Reddit says it was motivated to create the feature because people have been making polls on the service for years using third-party services and they felt it was better to offer this feature internally within their platform. In an average month, Reddit claims that 15,000 polls are created across the entire site. With this change expect that number to skyrocket as Reddit will become the internet platform to vote on pretty much any topic. Though much like its chat groups, I wouldn’t put too much relevance on these numbers.

The new feature is on by default starting today and is supported in all subreddits aside from text-only communities like r/AskReddit. Is this a good idea? Let’s put it to the vote.

Last Updated: March 25, 2020

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