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Review of the Cowboy Auto Dial App

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Technology has always had a massive impact on various industries. Gaming, for example, has grown considerably for the past few years due to artificial intelligence. The same applies to other sectors, like healthcare, sports, law, and many more. 

Granted, specific industries are adopting technology at a relatively slower pace, like the construction and transportation sector, but some have grown at an extremely fast rate. One example is the business sector. The Cloud, 5G technology, blockchain, Internet of Things–these are just a few examples of recent technological developments that have brought massive changes to the business sector. But one particular innovation that’s been gaining traction lately, especially in the business sector, is auto dialers. 

There are several auto-dial apps out there, but this guide will mainly focus on the Cowboy Auto Dial app. But before you get to the meat of the matter, what’s an auto dialer? 

What Is An Auto Dialer, And Why Do You Need One? 

As the name suggests, the Auto Dialer app from CallCowboy.com is a program that automatically dials telephone numbers without any input from the live agents. Once the number’s owner answers the call, it’ll either play a pre-recorded message or connect the call to one of the available live agents. 

That’s originally the only function of auto dialers. But due to technological advances, you can now find more profound versions of auto dialers, such as: 

1. Predictive Dialer 

A predictive dialer is a smarter version of the typical auto dialer. Instead of dialing numbers as soon as it can, it makes the calls after considering the timing so there will always be an agent available to respond. To be precise, a predictive dialer calculates the timing so it would only start initiating a call once it has determined that an agent will finish their previous call before the call is answered. That’s why predictive dialers are often the best option for busy enterprises as it minimizes the idle time of agents. 

2. Progressive Dialer 

A progressive dialer is the straightforward version of a predictive dialer. Instead of calculating the timing, a progressive auto dialer would only place a call if at least one agent is available. It’s not as efficient as a predictive dialer, but it ensures that all prospects will always receive a response from agents. 

3. Preview Dialer 

Lastly, a preview dialer is exactly what the name suggests; it allows the agents to preview the call receiver’s information before making the call, which ensures that the agent is fully prepared. This type of dialer is often used in call centers, and it’s the ideal option for enterprises that want to maximize their chances of a satisfactory outcome. 

Now, you might be wondering, where does the Cowboy Auto Dial app belong in these categories? This auto dialer is mostly a predictive auto dialer, although it carries some similarities from all three categories. But that depends on the user’s setup, which is perhaps the reason why it has caught the attention of many people. So, what’s the Cowboy Auto Dialer?

A Brief Overview Of Cowboy Auto Dial 

The Cowboy Auto Dial app is designed to function similarly to any other auto-dial app, except it’s highly customizable. This means it can function the way you want as long as you set it up correctly.

For instance, you can customize it so the app would automatically send a response to prospects. You may also set it so that you can monitor each of the calls of your live agents. It’s also possible for the auto dialer to double as an autoresponder as long as you enable the right features. 

Simply put, Cowboy Auto Dial is a highly flexible application and can meet all your telemarketing needs, given that you know how to set it up properly. 

However, considering the flexibility of this application, it can be a bit difficult to determine whether it’s for you or not. That’s why this review would tackle several aspects of the application. Perhaps the best way to start is by tackling its features. 


Does the application offer numerous features or is it lackluster feature-wise?  

This is the first question you should ask yourself when choosing an auto dialer app or any application for that matter. On that note, here are some of the most noteworthy features you’ll find in the Cowboy Auto Dial application: 

  • Autoresponder 

One of the most valuable features you can find in an auto dialer app is the autoresponder feature, which is a feature allowing you to set up a response that the app would send to your prospects as soon as they answer the call. It’s one of the many features Cowboy Auto Dial has built-in on the application. 

  • CRM Integration

Almost every company has a customer relationship management (CRM) system. This is a system that contains large amounts of information pertaining to the company’s customers. This may include their financial information, personal data, and, most importantly, contact information. All these pieces of information are, without a doubt, useful when it comes to telemarketing. 

That’s why it’s a huge advantage if the auto dialer is compatible with your CRM system and can integrate into the app automatically. That way, the live agents can see data related to the prospects, similar to how preview dialers work. And yes, the Cowboy Auto Dial app has this feature, making it a huge plus. 

  • Monitoring 

The Cowboy Auto Dial app also offers monitoring where you can monitor calls in real-time. Doing so would make it possible to assess the conversation flow of a particular call, allowing you to construct feedback to your live agents. This feature is particularly useful for enterprises that intend to train their employees. 

  • Analytics/Reporting

More often than not, after a day of work, managers would be curious as to whether the day was productive or not. Unfortunately, productivity can’t be measured accurately unless, of course, you can check the metrics for the entire day. That’s what analytics and reporting are all about, which is yet another feature of the Cowboy Auto Dial app. 

Say, for example, you want to figure out how many prospects your live agents were able to contact. Of course, asking each agent would take too long. You do have the option to check their records individually, but it still pales in comparison with an analytics interface where you check all kinds of metrics in a fraction of a minute.  

Some examples of metrics you can find in the built-in analytics interface of the Cowboy Auto Dial application include:

  • Number of calls made 
  • Number of answered calls 
  • Number of ignored calls 
  • Average time spent for each call 
  • Total time spent for all calls 
  • Most busy work hours 

The beauty of analytics is that it allows managers to alter their strategies according to these pieces of information, which would go a long way in improving the company. 

  • Voice Recognition 

If you want to save time for your live agents, the Cowboy Auto Dial app’s voice recognition feature might also prove to be useful. It allows the agents to trigger commands with the use of their voice instead of performing it manually. 

Each of these features is helpful in its own way, but one can argue that they’re not really necessary. You can still operate a telemarketing campaign without them, which is why you shouldn’t blindly choose a product simply because it offers more features than others. They should actually be helpful for your purposes, and this section should help with your judgment. 

User Interface 

While it’s not as important as the features, it would also help if the user interface (UI) of the application is easy to interact with and displays the important information visibly. 

In the case of the Callboy Auto Dial app, the interface is well-constructed. Pretty much all the crucial texts to its operation are completely visible, not to mention you can customize its appearance via the settings. 

Overall, both the mobile and desktop version’s user interface is commendable, although it still has room for improvement.

Ease Of Use 

If you’re still not well-versed with auto dialer apps, then your first application shouldn’t be too difficult to grasp. Fortunately, the Cowboy Auto Dial app is relatively easy to use. 

Furthermore, the app functions in a straightforward manner. If you want to perform a specific task, a few clicks will suffice, unlike other apps where you’re required to go further from the app’s main window. The intuitive UI also plays a huge part in this since the important buttons are accessible right from the get-go. 

For that reason, this app would come in handy if you’re planning to train your employees how to use an auto dialer. 


When looking for any type of software, you must look at its limitations. In the case of auto dialers, you should figure out if there’s a particular limitation in the number of texts or calls you can make. It’s also worth checking if there are any limits to the number of agents you can find. 

As you might’ve guessed, the Cowboy Auto Dialer doesn’t have any of these limitations. More precisely, the subscription allows you to do the following: 

  • Install unlimited extensions/plugins 
  • Send unlimited business texts 
  • Create unlimited agent accounts 
  • Make unlimited inbound and outbound calls 


In terms of accessibility, the Cowboy Auto Dial app is integrated into the Cloud, which means you can access the app and any relevant information anywhere you want. You can even use the app on a stranger’s phone or on a newly bought desktop. 

Of course, you’ll need to log in first via the desktop or mobile app (Android and iOS) or through a browser. This is especially handy if your company is using the remote working setup. 

Brand Legitimacy 

Aside from the actual product, you should also pay attention to the brand. Are they reputable? Have they been in the industry for a long time? Do they have good reviews? 

If the answer to these questions is yes, then the product is most definitely worth a shot. After all, there should be a reason why they’ve survived in the industry for so long and have a positive userbase. It would also help if you can check the other products of the brand. Take Call Cowboy, for example. 

The brand has already created numerous other products aside from the auto-dialer, such as autoresponders, call trackers, and the likes. This means that they’re well-versed in this field, hence their auto dialer is most likely better than the typical ones you see out there. 

Pricing And Plans 

The average price of auto-dialers ranges from USD$5,000 to USD$250,000. This would include the subscription for all agents, and it’s often a one-time payment. The ideal product is one that’s offered in a variety of subscription plans. Unfortunately, Cowboy Auto Dialer only has two subscriptions: monthly and annual. There’s no one-time payment offer, too. 

The monthly subscription costs USD$99.95 per user each month, while the annual subscription is better since it only costs USD$79.95 per user each month. It’s not the most affordable, but considering the benefits that come with the product, the price is reasonable. 

Should You Get The Cowboy Auto Dial App? 

At first glance, the Cowboy Auto Dial app seems to be the perfect telemarketing solution, but as previously said, it’s for telemarketing. Unless you’re planning on starting a telemarketing endeavor, getting a subscription for the Cowboy Auto Dial app might not be your best bet. 

It’s more suited for business owners, realtors, call centers, and salespeople that want to expand their reach. If you don’t belong in any of the categories, chances are you won’t benefit that much from an auto dialer. After all, if you just want to respond to all personal calls, paying around $80.00 for an application doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal. 

The Verdict 

The Cowboy Auto Dial app consists of numerous features that can come in handy for telemarketing. It’s easy to use and the user interface isn’t overwhelming. It also doesn’t put a considerable limitation on its users, so that’s a plus. Since it uses the Cloud, accessing the app should be easier than most. Perhaps the only problem is that the pricing isn’t manageable, and you’ll have to pay every month, but that shouldn’t be that much of an issue. 

Overall, while the app isn’t perfect, it should be worth a shot.

Last Updated: July 23, 2021

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