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Rumour: Microsoft still preparing a new Surface Book and Go Tablet for release in May

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Pretty much every possible release or event is getting delayed at the moment. Somehow through all the turmoil and difficulties in manufacturing and operating at the moment, Microsoft has found a way to navigate through them and is somehow still ready to release its new line-up of Surface devices next month (as first reported in The Verge).

Recent retailer leaks have hinted that Microsoft may still be planning on releasing it’s Surface Book 3. The new Surface books are expected to make use of Intel’s latest 10th Gen processors on the Surface Book 3, alongside potentially up to 32GB of RAM and 1TB of storage. Rumours also suggest that Microsoft is switching to Nvidia’s Quadro graphics chips in some Surface Book 3 models, which will make the laptop better catered for those in graphically-intense industries.

Microsoft is also preparing a Surface Go 2, a successor to its popular smaller tablet. Retailer leaks have hinted that Microsoft will be offering a model with an Intel Core M3, alongside the typical Intel Pentium Gold processor option. Windows Central reports that the Surface Go 2 will also include a larger display at 10.5 inches, with slightly smaller bezels that are more similar to those found on the Surface Laptop 3. The Intel Core M3 model will also reportedly include 8GB of RAM, 128GB storage, and an optional LTE connectivity.

I feel that the likelihood of Microsoft having these devices available as early as next month is incredibly unlikely, meaning that these leaks are likely just mistakes from the retailers with old information in their databases. I doubt even Microsoft knows exactly what is in store for future releases of their hardware, though based on the specs in these details they are probably going to be amazing devices. Just a pity we still don’t get Surface devices officially in South Africa yet.

Last Updated: April 21, 2020

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