Home Technology Samsung is once again the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi dethrones Apple for third place

Samsung is once again the world’s biggest smartphone manufacturer, Xiaomi dethrones Apple for third place

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Huawei surprised its competitors and many people in the world when it became the world’s biggest-selling smartphone maker despite facing serious restrictions in the US. That crown has been relinquished just as fast as it captured though, as reports from IDCCounterpoint, and Canalys reveal that Samsung has regained the title of the world biggest smartphone manufacturer thanks to its highest quarterly earnings figures ever.

Samsung recently released its new line-up of smartphones and it seems the world couldn’t wait to spend money on those devices as the company achieved record sales that jumped up by 47% when compared to the last quarter. Huawei continues to have strong sales in China, but it appears that its new P40 series which had no Google support, was not as big a seller as hoped with shipments slipping by 7% quarter-on-quarter and by 24% year-on-year.

One Chinese company’s struggles is another’s opportunity and Xiaomi is now the third-biggest selling smartphone manufacturer in the world, surpassing Apple. It’s worth noting that this is the result of Apple releasing its new line-up of phones later than normal, with those sales not yet reflected in these reports. Expect Apple to likely regain third place in the next quarter.

With all this movement though, it’s a sign that the competition in this space is incredibly healthy and it’s great to see the world biggest smartphone manufacturers battling it out for top spot and having to prove their worth to win over consumers.  Let’s hope this competition over the next few years will only lead to even better features and value for money phones in the future… Oh, who am I kidding.

Apple and Samsung will continue to sell ludicrously priced phones that people will still continue to buy regardless of the competition. That is one of the benefits of being the best in the business after all.

Last Updated: November 2, 2020

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