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Samsung leak shows video of the 5G Galaxy Z Flip

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Foldable devices are not exactly proving to be a big hit at the moment. So how does Samsung look to make the next version of its Galaxy Z Flip better? By making it faster. At least that’s the gist of what can be gathered based on this new leaked video ahead of its official launch, which is believed will take place at Samsung’s upcoming August 5th Galaxy Unpacked event.

Based on phone leaker Evan Blass’ video, which shows the phone from practically every angle, the new model looks pretty much exactly the same as the previous one. Perhaps something which isn’t much of a surprise considering that its form factor was never the issue, but rather its high cost and fragility of the screen which were seen as early adoption drawbacks.

Hopefully, Samsung will reveal solutions to some of those problems when they formally announce the device later this year. All we do know is that the device will come 5G ready. I guess, in the absence of anything else to get excited about, faster, in this case, is at least better.

I still think this design for a “folding phone” is better than the Galaxy Fold, as it makes a phone bend into something smaller is quite a practical idea for me. If they can find a way of making it all work, then its definitely something

Last Updated: July 14, 2020

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