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Samsung to launch its 2021 line-up a month earlier than expected

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In 2020, one of the most widely heard words that we got used to hearing was “delay”. Practically everything was either delayed or canceled, from movie and video game releases, to conferences, sporting events, and even salary increases.  Will 2021 be any different? Perhaps not, but Samsung is at least providing a different narrative early in 2021 with news that its new Galaxy S21 series smartphones will be launching a month earlier than normally expected.  

Samsung has planned a virtual Unpacked 2021 event for next week, January 14, where it will officially unveil its new Galaxy models. This is an event that usually took place in February to coincide with the Mobile World Congress. With that event canceled indefinitely, Samsung and many other tech companies are choosing to host virtual events instead, which has meant that the company is no longer needing to prepare around that date and can now launch products whenever it feels ready.

It’s welcome, but perhaps surprising, news from the mobile phone giant whose current S20 models are still new to the market. By building hype for its next line-up of smartphones and devices earlier than the competitors, the company is probably hoping to capitalise on an increasingly competitive market and ensure that its products are most familiar in the minds of users.

So what can we expect from Samsung for the year ahead? Unlike last year’s event where leaks were widely available long before the actual Unpacked Event, news on what to expect from Samsung is a little more scarce this time. Though it has been rumoured that there will once again be three different sizes of devices (standard, Plus and Ultra) which will also receive speed and spec boosts with a triple-lens camera that can be seen in the blurred images of the above announcement. The S21 Ultra is also expected to include an S Pen, an accessory that was previously exclusive to Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

At least we don’t have long to find out what Samsung has in store for the new year and see if this year will once again feature even more technolust that our wallets can simply never afford.

Last Updated: January 6, 2021

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