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Samsung’s new Galaxy Buds look like cute coffee beans

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When it comes to Earbuds, tech companies appear to be trying all different shapes and sizes in an effort to stand out. While the design by Apple is probably still considered the best and easily the most copied, that hasn’t stopped companies from trying to explore different concepts in the hope of finding the next trend without just been seen as imitators.

Samsung is taking that approach with its new Galaxy Buds Live (they sadly missed out on the opportunity of calling them the Galaxy Bean), which are coming out next year and are designed in the shape of a bean with the hope that they can be less noticeable and fit into your ear more comfortably. And possibly get confused for coffee beans along the way.

Not quite sure how the design will actually look and whether it will result in you just spending all your time looking for your coffee-bean-shaped headphones as they fall out of your ear? A new leak claiming to be a short promotional video from Samsung unveils exactly how they’ll look:

I still fear that they may fall out too easily, especially when running or at the gym. For less active people, they’ll probably care more about the quality of the audio, the features it comes with and price. All areas that we do not know much about. The company is holding an Unpacked event on August 5 2020, where we will likely learn more details on this new model, along with Samsung’s other big tech products for the year ahead.

Last Updated: July 21, 2020

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