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Scientists are picking up some weird signals from outer space

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Aliens exist. We live in the same world as Darryn – we know this already. However, despite looking at the obvious evidence available on earth, scientists continue to be on a mission to hopefully find traces of potential intelligent life outside of this planet (not that we have much on the planet, but I digress).

To do this, astronomers use radio telescopes around the world that can listen on different frequencies for signals picked up from outer space. Or perhaps listen in on the discussions coming from the international space station, because even outside of earth governments don’t want anyone to have privacy.

Well, apparently some scientists claim to have found some interesting sounds of late (and it’s apparently not the rumble from my stomach). According to CNET, on Tuesday, a team using CalTech’s Owens Valley Radio Observatory near Bishop, California, reported that it managed to capture a new, non-repeating signal dubbed FRB 190523 and trace it back to a galaxy nearly 8 billion light-years away.

They were not the only ones though as an Australian team working with the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder announced they had burst back to its source galaxy, some 4 billion light-years away, along with a  Russian observatory also reported a batch of nine more FRBs, including a new repeater. Repeating FRBs are kind of a big deal because they’re rare (the latest from Russia is just the third ever to be captured) and easier to trace to a source galaxy.

So, what does all this mean? Well, likely nothing though the fact that so many FRBs have been identified in the space of the week is certainly interesting. Several possible explanations for what causes FRBs have been proposed, ranging from powerful neutron stars to extra-terrestrial intelligence. Though the truth is, scientists still don’t know, though if anything, the fact that all these FRBs have been found in different locations means that whatever causes them, it can come from different locations. Whatever the source turns out to be, it’s worth remembering that the mysterious signals travelled billions of years to reach us, so if the explanation is aliens, they’re some very ancient aliens. Or Star Wars has been true all along and this is just the remnants of those galaxies far, far away hitting us now.

So, do we have a lot of intelligent life out there in our galaxy or are these just cosmic farts that are nothing to get excited about?

Last Updated: July 8, 2019

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