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Skillhub Review: How Much is Monsters Resume Writing Service?

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People spend more time on job search every year. Finding a place to work that will fit your needs 100% is like finding a needle in the hay, but it’s still not impossible. Getting rejections kills motivation to continue searches, and job candidates try to resist this stress and proceed further, no matter how hard it seems. But sometimes applicants don’t receive interview invitations for simple reasons – their resume was not professionally written.

You can be a good specialist in your field and don’t know how to create a good resume. This is when job seekers knock on the doors of resume writing services like Monster. Monster is a website where you can both look for new opportunities and order a resume for a job application. It’s trendy among people in job search, and all of them wonder how much is Monsters resume writing service. Our Skillhub experts will figure this out and share details below.

What Monster Offer

While looking for job opportunities online, you will surely come across Monster. This company helps employers and candidates find the right fit for each other. Monster is a global leader in the recruiting industry, so there is no surprise that job seekers use its resume writing services too. Their products for employers include recruitment tools that can help an employer to fill large quantities of positions.

Job seekers usually appear on the Monster website while browsing jobs or using salary tools. Monster can give you a full picture of how much every specialist can earn depending on their qualifications and location. This company is run by true human resources professionals and recruiting, which is why candidates can find almost any solution to their career issues.

One of the most common problems that even experienced job candidates face is the creation of a resume. When you don’t have any experience in your background, you need to know how to make a presentable profile using your education information. And with extensive working experience, you have to highlight only key skills and responsibilities for a particular position. That is why Monster’s resume writing service (click here) causes a lot of interest around, so let’s find out how much is Monsters resume writing service.

Monster Resume: Basic Package

Each candidate can choose among three service packages, so let’s start with the Basic one. This plan includes the creation of a custom resume that will showcase your skills, career goals, and accomplishments in a unique way. Monster writers also ensure that the final piece will have keywords that will match relevant to your profile’s job postings and will pass the applicant tracking system.

Also, you get guarantees that your resume will be written by a professional in your area of expertise. The order delivery takes up to 5 days and will be sent to you in Word format. What’s also essential is that they provide you with a 60-day 100% satisfaction guarantee. So if you’re unhappy with the custom resume provided by Monster writers, they’ll rewrite it for free. The price for this package is $149, which is higher than average (and let us remind you again that this is a basic plan).

How Much is Monsters Resume Writing Service: Deluxe Package

Deluxe offer includes the same set of services as the Basic one, with some awesome extras included – a cover letter writing service! They offer a cover letter tailored to one job title in particular. So before ordering this package, you must already have a specific position you want to apply to.

It’s not a secret that applying for a job with a cover letter gives you more chances to land an interview. And having a cover letter sample written by a professional turns you into a candidate who has more chances of winning the job competition.

Monster resume service guarantees that their cover letter will showcase your unique value proposition and provide a compelling call to action. The original price for this offer is $219, but this month they offer a $10 discount on the Deluxe package. So, you will be charged only $197. Applying for a resume without a cover letter would be a waste of time for every candidate, so if you have an opportunity to make a bulk order – do it!

Inside the Premier Service Plan

The Premier package includes all possible services Monster writers can provide with urgent delivery. And this is not only a bot-beating resume and a cover letter but also a LinkedIn profile makeover! Many job seekers don’t pay enough attention to their LinkedIn profile, but it is an essential asset to your job applications.

Remember that it is a significant mistake to simply copy and paste your resume info into your LinkedIn profile. Monster experts can create for you:

· A personal, professional summary to reflect your strengths on a Linkedin profile.

· Optimize your profile with keywords that highlight your top skills,

· Make sure your profile is relevant to the job description you’re applying for.

If one career advice expert creates your resume, cover letter and Linkedin profile, it guarantees that your job application will give a consistent professional image of yours to the hiring managers. Usually, employers don’t give second chances to job applicants; that is why you need to put maximum effort into making the best impression of your candidate profile.

The Premier plan by Monster also has a feature of Expedited delivery. It means that you can get the first draft of all three (resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover) in two business days. This plan is top-rated among users because the faster you send your application documents after seeing the job listing the better. However, the price is the highest as you have to spend $349 for it. But it’s an investment in a career that will be paid off once you get hired!

Skillhub Conclusion

Monster resume writing service has a good reputation among job seekers. They offer all services any job applicant may need – from resume writing to Linkedin Profile makeover. But prices vary from above average to rather expensive ($349 for the ALL-In Premier plan), and it’s not affordable for most people.

Last Updated: September 19, 2022

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