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Slack is working with Microsoft to integrate Teams into its system

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When it comes to meetings or having a chat with a colleague, the app of choice is normally, Zoom, Slack or Teams depending on which software you prefer to communicate over. Most will probably be directed in a certain direction based on their companies licensing agreements but for many, especially those interacting with clients, it can be quite a pertinent choice as both sets of companies have different security policies.

Slack is working to solve this problem with the company reportedly working on an integration with Microsoft Teams to interact with each other more easily and allowing people to join Slack calls using Teams and vice-versa. As Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield revealed on an analysts call according to CNBC:

We’re working on Teams integrations for calling feature.

The reveal ultimately doesn’t reveal any details about how the integration will work and exactly what features Slack is looking to share with Microsoft and indeed exactly how involved Microsoft has been in the whole thing. Ultimately though, it makes sense for the two brands to work together especially with many companies relying on them to keep communications between their employees flowing and more than ever there is a need to find ways to share functionality and enable businesses to still operate as best as possible.

Slack used to be the clear leader when it released inter-team communication, but with Microsoft adding features to Teams quite aggressively and having a bigger ecosystem on which to draw from, it is no doubt becoming increasingly popular. Let’s hope the competition will just make both offerings better.

Last Updated: March 30, 2020

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