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Surprise! Nvidia reveals $1200 Titan X, and it’s out really soon

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Nvidia reveal Pascal Titan X

Sheesh, Nvidia sure isn’t wasting any time. In May the company launched their Pascal range with their high-end enthusiast cards, the GTX 1080 and GTX 1070. Just this week they launch the arguably more important mid-range GTX 1060. Now, in just over a week’s time, they’ll be launching a fourth, absurdly powerful Pascal card. The Titan X is back, and it’s just as ludicrously fast (and expensive) as you’d expect.

The Titan range walks between gaming and high-performance computing, and has never been a value proposition for those just looking to play games at the highest possible frame rates. Sure you’ll achieve that, but it’s not the market the Titan X typically aims at. And that makes sense, given that this new Pascal Titan X will launch on August 2nd for no less than $1200 – nearly double the price of the flagship GTX 1080.

What you get for that admission fee is an irresponsible amount of computing power. Nvidia is claiming that the Pascal-based Titan X is 60% faster than the previous Titan X, built on a new GP102 chip and featuring a staggering 3,584 CUDA cores. It has lower clock speeds than other Pascal cards, with 1.41 GHz and 1.53 GHz on the core and boost clocks respectively, but a larger chunk of memory with 12GB of GDDR5X with a speed of 480GB/s (still no HBM 2 here).

What sets it apart from the more gaming-focused Pascal cards however is the compute numbers the Titan X is able to achieve. The Titan X is the only consumer card even coming close to touching 11 TFLOPs of single precision, which also featuring 44 TOPs INT8 calculations. That enticing for developers diving into Deep Learning, and expands the uses for the Titan X greatly.

But if you’ve got deep, deep pockets and simply must have possible the only card on the market able of achieving 4K/60FS framerates, then look no further. Or wait a bit – because at this rate a GTX 1080Ti might not be as far off as you think.

Last Updated: July 22, 2016

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