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The 3DSXL priced and dated

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Nintendo recently announced a hardware revision of its current, extra-dimensioned handheld – by way of making it significantly larger. It doesn’t have a built in 2nd analogue – but does sport a rather delicious, supersized screen.

I had the opportunity to rub myself with  go hands on with the 3DSXL last week – and I’m quite pleased with the changes. For starters, the new screen is crisp, and decidedly unpixelated. Anybody who’s seen both the DS and DSi XL together would attest that games on the DSi XL tend to look quite blocky – but there’s no such problem on the 3DS XL. It’s also – thankfully – matte; I think I’ve spent more time cleaning the fingerprints off of my 3Ds than actually playing games on it.

Another nice change is that the regular, not telescopic stylus is now located on the side of the unit (where it should be!) instead of at the back; a more natural position for games that have you juggling between d-pad and stylus play. If you don;t already own a 3DS, the larger (yet slimmer and sleeker) XL is worth looking for – and now we know how much it’ll cost and when it’ll be available locally.

You’ll be able to make the 3D beegah from July 28, when the 3DS XL pops up at retailers for R2399 – which is less than the original 3Ds launched for. It’s worth noting, however, that the thing doesn’t come with a power adaptor – so you’ll have to purchase one separately. It uses the same adaptor that Nintendo’s been using since the DSi though – so chances are you already have one lying around.

Last Updated: July 3, 2012

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