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The beauty/unfairness of communism – CH-DVD

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While the world has been debating whether to join Blu-Ray or HD-DVD the Chinese have been up to their own thing.

The Chinese government has decided that they want their own format, however they are smart enough to know that they cannot force their decisions onto the rest of the world so how do they fix this. Well you take HD-DVD and modify it enough to be classed as something new yet not so far that typical HD-DVD players cannot play it… Make sense?

What we have now is CH-DVD which has the same physical attributes as HD-DVD. Now you can buy a HD-DVD player and it will play CH-DVD. However no one really expects CH-DVD to take off but since the Chinese government has told their 1.3 billion citizens that they now are going to watch CH-DVD movies, you can expect a whole pile of cheap CH-DVD players to hit the market. Which just happen to be able to play HD-DVD movies….

See why HD-DVD lovers now also love Communism, Blu-Ray however are less than impressed and you can expect to see some bad media about this very soon…

BetaNews | New Chinese Involvement Could Trigger HD DVD Price Plunge

Last Updated: September 9, 2007

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