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The Medical Device Testing Market will grow Over the Next Decade

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The pandemic has revolutionized many industries. It is not a surprise that medical devices have seen a general growth over this period of time. But one of the new trends, in this industry, is the arrival of medical device testing, which saw an important opening with the launch of self-COVID-19 tests that came onto the market in 2021 (here is what the CDC says about them). Here is a brief look into the future of the medical device testing market.

Why is Medical Device Testing on the Rise?

To understand how we have arrived at this point, we need to take a step back and look at how testing became a crucial issue in the fight against the pandemic. When it first raised its head in China, the virus rapidly got out of hand. Testing individuals to know if they were currently infected with the virus became of higher importance, in order to isolate them and protect the rest of the population. The problem was that the first testing method simply took to long. That changed with the arrival of testing through multi-mode microplate reader technology, says BMG Labtech. Suddenly, the medical world had access to a device that could determine if a person had COVID-19 in his system, in less than 30 minutes. It was a revolution that really was the first victory in the fight against the virus.

Today, anyone that wishes to be tested for the coronavirus simply has to go to its pharmacy and buy a do-it-yourself test. By gathering substance sample from the nose and plunging it into a liquid formula, we can insert a few drops into the device and see, within minutes, if our body has been infected with COVID-19. Just like a pregnancy test, a first line will appear (to confirm that the test is in progress and working), and if a second line appears, it means that the virus has found its way into your system.

What Tomorrow holds

Now that countries have started investing larger budgets into research again, the medical industry is flourishing. But although vaccines came out rather quickly, as a worldwide state of emergency was declared, and we needed to find rapid solutions to a devastating problem, don’t expect the next medical devices to come out as rapidly, on the market. There are mandatory approvals that need to happen along the way, by such groups as the FDA (in the U.S.) and other health organizations around the world. Therefore, everything that is being prepared now, will probably take a few years to be available for consumers.

But medical testing devices will no doubt be flooding our pharmacies, sooner than later. There are two main reasons why this will be. First, testing being done in hospitals and clinics are too costly for governments. The ones you buy by yourself, you pay for. The second reason is that people have now taken the habit of self-testing. There is no reason they wouldn’t do the same for other health issues, such as diabetes. This is only one example of many illnesses that should be covered by medical testing devices, in a few years.

Last Updated: May 4, 2022

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