[Updated] The Xbox One now includes a headset

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UPDATE: MCV has confirmed that the listing was an error and that Microsoft has not altered its plans not to include a headset with the Xbox One. So no, no free headset for you!

Is there anything regarding the Xbox One you still want changed? Speak up now! It seems Microsoft is really listening to what people want; not only have they reversed their decision to scrap DRM, but it seems that they’ll now be including a wired headset with every Xbox One sold.

Originally, the headset was to be an optional extra, as Kinect would be able to do the voice-chat business on its behalf. The thing is, Sony’s PlayStation 4 will come with a headset, and people on the internet complained that Microsoft’s console would not.

Vocal people on the internet might have a little more clout than imagined, because that decision has been reversed. That’s the word from Electronic Theatre who got the news from the UK’s Xbox Distributor, Gem.

Now how about that price tag, eh?

Last Updated: July 4, 2013

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