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There’s a new console coming – and it’s not the Wii U

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It’s not a PlayStation 4, or an Xbox 8 or whatever you wish to call it either. No, it’s the Ouya; a $99 game cube (not Gamecube) that runs on Android.

Here’s what makes it interesting though; it’s designed to allow free games – and is even “hackable” out of the box. “Even the underlying hardware is ‘built to be hacked’—every customer who buys a retail box will get a dev kit in the bargain,” says The Verge. While it seems like the stuff of pipe dreams, there are actually a number of reputable people on board.

The console itself is being designed by Yves Behar; the guy behind the OLPC and the Jawbone Jambox. Joining him are Muffi Ghadial, who helped Amazon ship the Kindle; Ed Fries, Former Microsoft game exec who was instrumental in the company acquiring Rare, Bungie and Ensemble and former IGN executive Julie Uhrman among others.

While I’m not sure that a $99 console running android is going to have many native games that I’d be interested in, the hackable nature of it intrigues me. As long as it’s got USB ports so I can plug in my controllers of choice and is powerful enough to play media and run emulators, I’m all aboard. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end up like Infinium Labs’ appropriately named Phantom .

Last Updated: July 4, 2012

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