There’s a new PlayStation 4…

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…but it’s not a wholly revised, cheaper and slimmer model if that’s what you’re waiting for before jumping in to the new generation of consoles. Instead, it seems to be a simpler revision, with a focus on making the thing cheaper to produce – with it barely being any more energy efficient. Here’s a breakdown, courtesy of the Japanese blog Pocketnews. They tore both models down, and found there to be very few meaningful differences between the two available models.

In fact, the only real change in the newer CUH-1100 model comes in the WiFi antenna, which has been improved to reduce electromagnetic interference. That’s probably a good thing, because the WiFi on the Ps4 borders on being appalling. The other big change comes in the large, more uniform heatsink – which is now a little heavier, and should help keep the system a little quieter; some have complained that their PS4’s can be a bit noisy. Curiously, there’s an 8-bit MCU  that was used for bridging on the Blu-Ray missing on the new revision, but it looks like it was redundant to begin with. Beyond that a couple of the system’s chips have been given new iterative numbers, but there’s no hint at the system being functionally better in any way.

In summary:

  • Energy consumption is about the same
  • New model is 50 grams lighter
  • Motherboard has new model number
  • Slight changes to motherboard
  • APU, System controller and SDRAM model numbers have changed slightly
  • Possibly redundant 8-bit MCU is missing
  • Power supply is 24 grams lighter and has slightly different rating
  • Shape of fins heat sink has changed, sink is now 26 grams heavier
  • Wifi antenna unit seems to be improved to reduce electromagnetic noise

What does this mean to you, the consumer? In short – very little. If you’re currently on the hunt for a console, you may want to try and get one of the newer ones, as they should be less prone to manufacturing faults. For the rest you still waiting for the inevitable refresh, you’ll have to keep on waiting. If you’re in to pictures of naked hardware, you can see the new and old PS4’s insides at Pocketblog.

Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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