Two new PlayStation 4 models are coming…

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The PlayStation 4 has been out for over a year and a half. It’s a rather nice machine (underpowered as consoles are), but it could certainly do with a little more storage space. Though you can upgrade the measly 500GB drive, unlike the Xbox One and even the Wii U, you can’t just plug in an external hard drive and keep on gaming, so it’s a constant balance of deleting games from the drive just so you can put more of them on. It’s a hassle. It’s one that would-be PlayStation 4 owners might not have to contend with. There’s a new PlayStation 4 coming. Apparently.

According to Dualshockers, the FCC has certified two new models of PlayStation 4. They’re likely just internal revisions – so don’t be expecting a newer, cheaper, slimmer version of the console just yet. What you can expect from one of those models though, is a larger packed-in hard drives. The new models are numbered as CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B, which all means very little to the end user – but the one that ends in B will be packing a 1TB drive instead of the piddle 500Gb that the PlayStation4’s had since launch.



A recent Ps4 update helped a little, allowing users to back their digitally installed games to an external drive but makes no provision for running games off of said drive, which at this point is inexcusable because – as I’ve mentioned – even the Wii U lets you do that. There seems to be very little else different about this new model, save for the fact that it’s the slightest bit lighter – which we can put down to things like efficiency, and lighter, cheaper to produce parts.

The new 1TB model is likely to be announced at E3, but it does also mean that those hoping for a significantly cheaper, lighter and miraculously smaller one ala the PlayStation 3 slim may be waiting quite a bit longer.

Last Updated: June 2, 2015

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