Ubisoft’s new renderer to increase performance

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Ubisoft has yet to reveal the official required system specs for its next stealth-em-up, Assassin’s Creed Unity. Reports from random places on the internet, however, seem to suggest that the minimum specs will be quite forgiving. We’ve seen the game in action, and it’s rather impressive so how’s that possible? According to DSOgaming, Ubisoft’s got a magic new renderer.

Speaking to Ubisoft’s Pipeline Technical Director, James Therien, DSO got the scoop on the game’s new engine and renderer, and how this time… this time dammit, Ubisoft’s game on Pc will support multiple cores properly.

“Globally, our engine scales very well to multiple cores. Unfortunately, we hit different bottlenecks on different platforms. Traditionally, on higher-end PCs, we would be graphic driver bound, negating the benefits of having more cores. On ACU we completely changed the renderer architecture to drastically reduce the number of draw-calls we make to the driver. You should see much more scalability on ACU.”

Ubisoft is finding new ways of pushing hardware to its limit, using a rendered that does much the same thing that DirectX 12 and Mantle.

“As I said, we totally rewrote the low-level renderer for ACU. One of the reasons is to deal with the same types of issues that are solved with Mantle and DX12. We’re finding ways to push the hardware to its limits.”

I’d really love for this to be true – but Ubisoft has shown time and time again that its PC ports just don’t utilise PC hardware very well. I am an eternal optimist though; so I’m going to keep on hoping.

Once again, Nvidia and Ubisoft are buddying up for this, which means it’ll have extra graphical bells and whistles if you’re part of team green.

Assassion’s Creed Unity is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 28.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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